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Design a Concept Glassy Web Logo in Photoshop

Design a Concept Glassy Web Logo in Photoshop

3-19-08Category Filed under Designing & Photoshop Tutorials

In this photoshop tutorial you will learn how to create a concept web logo with a glassy design. Continue Reading

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6 Responses to “Design a Concept Glassy Web Logo in Photoshop”

  1. Photoshop Free Tutorials Says:

    The outcome at the top looks really cool, nice tut :)

  2. Webmaster Widget Says:

    Nicely done tutorial, very good out come, thanks. :)

  3. admin Says:

    Thanks guys,

  4. Photoshop Tutorials Says:

    awesome tutorial, added it to my site

  5. I. Massink Says:

    Do I miss something? On top is twice the setting for the gradient overlay but not the Inner Shadow. What should the Inner Shadow be?

  6. puran Says:


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